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Posted on February 11, 2014 at 10:00 AM Comments comments (2504)

"Imagine a new story for your life and start living it"

Paulo Coelho

Do you ever feel as though your life is out of control? As though life is happening to you versus you directing your life?

This can be tedious and frustrating. You may ask yourself "Why does this keep happening to me?" I recommend you ask yourself, instead, "What am I missing or refusing to learn from this situation that keeps putting me back here."   These two perspectives are examples of life happening to you versus you directing your life. When we keep ourselves in the role of helplessness, or the victim, we are essentially proclaiming to the world that we are not in control; therefore, we hold no responsibility in the outcome of our lives. This is simply not true.

What is true, is that we have no control over others, or the final outcome of an event; however, our thoughts, our actions, and our perception of the event play a major role in the final outcome.

When working with souls, one of the things I make them aware of is that they are in charge of their own destiny.  Each soul decides what lessons they will learn before they come into human form, but your human self decides how you learn those lessons.  Often times, we find ourselves in challenging situations that seem to be repeating themselves.  You may have a boss with whom it is diffcult to deal, and this may be reminiscent of your last boss, and the boss before that one, and so on.  When this happens, know that you are being allowed to learn a lesson, but your human self is the one putting you back in that situation over and over again in order to learn the lesson.  The lesson may be for you to practice acceptance of others, or to address an issue you may have with authority.  Your human self has used your work environment as the arena to learn the lesson, but every time you are faced with a challenging interaction with your boss, you become non-engaged, standoffish, or disrespectful.  When you walk away from the interaction, you may feel even more frustrated, angry, or flustered with your boss, dreading the next interaction, rather than actively planning a new approach to interacting with your boss.  You are not deliberately or consciously creating challenging interactions with your boss, and that is why it may seem as though you have no control over the situation, but you do.  It begins with a new thought, which leads to a new understanding, which leads to a new behavior, which ultimately leads to a new pattern of interactions with your boss.

You are the creator of your destiny and your happiness.  Once you realize how powerful you are, you can create the life you have always wished for. The time is now! Allow yourself to think new thoughts about a challenging situation you are facing, put more optimism in the outcome, and watch things unfold differently than they have before. 

Happy creating!!!



Self Love

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“The hardest person to love is yourself. If you can master that, you can master anything.”

Anne Magdalene

Recently, I did a group healing session via my facebook page, Anne Magdalene. As a result, one of the participants and I had an interesting conversation regarding love of thyself. We hear it all the time “You can’t fully love another until you love yourself” or something along those lines, and many of us are left thinking “I don’t have a clue how to love myself,” while others are convinced they fully love and accept themselves. Most of us suffer from some degree of lack of self-love and self-acceptance, and you are having this current human experience to learn about developing self-love, as well as a million other lessons. From personal experience, I have found loving myself to be the hardest form of love to develop. It is easy to love another person, especially a parent, a child, a spouse, but when we are faced with the task of finding a way to love and accept ourselves unconditionally, it can seem impossible.

So…….How do we get there?

Within each one of us, there is a core connection to the Source of Love, the infinity of that Love, and a desire to experience that Love on a multitude of levels, including for ourselves. So much of what you experience in your human experience is designed to teach and encourage you to find ways to express that love for yourself, because the truth is, the more you can love and accept yourself, the more you can love and accept others, not just those that are related to you, or who you are “supposed” to, but those who have no personal connection to you.

It is human nature to give love, as well as to seek love. There is nothing selfish or narcissistic about seeking love from others, but it is the nature in which we seek it that can become the problem. The less love you have for yourself, the more you will seek it in ways that damage your spirit, or the more you will try and fill the void of self-love with ways that weaken your spirit, because acknowledging you may lack love for yourself can be a very scary and vulnerable experience. When was the last time you looked in the mirror and said to yourself, “I love you totally and completely for everything you are.” When we are lacking self-love, it can be so subtle that we are not even remotely aware.

One of the first recommendations I make to people is to begin by paying very close attention to the internal monologue you have running in your head. What are the things you are hearing? Are you hearing “I’m no good at this…I’m going to look stupid if I ask for a raise, they won’t think I deserve it…I have so many wrinkles, look how old I’ve gotten…I’ve gotten so fat, look how big my _______ are….My husband/wife cheats because there’s something wrong with me…” The list goes on and on. These types of false beliefs keep you trapped in a cycle of self-loathing and lack of self-love. Only when you become aware of these subtle, negative thoughts can you begin to redirect your thoughts to more positive, loving thoughts.

Everything I possess within me, is within you, and everything you possess within you is within me. You may exhibit certain traits more profoundly than some of my traits. You may exhibit more confidence than I do, but that doesn’t mean that, at times, you are not insecure. I may exhibit more light-heartedness than you, but that doesn’t mean I am not burdened with sadness, fear, doubt….

So the next time you see a woman (or man) being used, exploited, taken advantage of, or mistreated, don’t spend time blaming her for what appears to be something she intentionally created, but instead, see her as a soul in need of love, especially self-love, and let it be a reminder to you, that the next time you are speaking negatively to yourself, or you are being treated less than what you deserve, it is less about what you intentionally created, and more about your false internal beliefs that keep the cycle of lack of self-love going.



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Healing: Mind, Body, Soul

“Even the darkest night will end, and the sun will rise”

Les Miserables

If you are struggling with an ailment, disease, illness, or lack of well being (emotional, spiritual, mental, physical), you are probably wondering why you are experiencing this. First, understand that your soul has made an agreement with your Creator to carry this ailment/disease/illness. When your soul contracts for this, it is because there are things your soul is to gain through the experience that will assist your soul in its evolution, and things for those around you to gain from your experience. These things can be knowledge, wisdom, patience, acceptance, and compassion, to name just a few. There are also things to learn from your anger, fear, frustration, and confusion as well.

Secondly, with any ailment/disease/illness, there are parts of "it" that we can be subconsciously attached to such as symptoms, and ritual of being ill; and parts of "it" that are attached to us. We hear people all the time say things like “I’m bi-polar” or “I have cancer, it runs in my family.” These are statements that create an attachment to the ailment/disease/illness from you, and it becomes part of who you are, and part of your identity. Ridding your soul of the illness becomes more challenging the longer you hold onto the label. We do not have to own any illness or disease, nor do we have to be owned by the ailment/disease/illness.

For instance, a young boy I have had the pleasure of knowing was diagnosed with leukemia when he was 3 years old. He was born to two very young, but devoted, parents. At the time of his diagnosis, his parents were separated, and it was a shock to his parents, and all those who knew and loved this family. The prognosis for this boy was grim, and everyone feared he would lose his battle with leukemia. These young parents began to put their anger and frustrations with each other aside, and pour their love and devotion into nursing their young son to better health.

This couple went on to have two more children, have just celebrated their 11th wedding anniversary, and this young boy, now 10 years old, and free from disease and enjoying the life he deserves. Some believe that this young boy’s experience was to show his two young parents the importance of love, acceptance, devotion, and commitment, in order for their own souls to evolve, and once this was completed, he became healthy and their family continues to thrive.

God decides when you release your ailment/disease/illness; however, if you have the desire to release it, to learn from the experience what was needed, and you no longer identify with the label of the illness, you are working collaboratively with your Creator to release your soul from the need to carry it any further. Healing takes time, patience, and desire, so trust in the process of releasing the illness, and have faith that you can be free from it.

All ailments/diseases/illnesses are multifaceted and the benefits are endless.

Happy Healing!