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Aura Clearing and Energy Field Clearing


You have an energetic field around your physical body, called an aura that extends roughly 4-6 feet from your physical body, and this energetic field can absorb energies that flow around you. Every day life will affect your aura; therefore, having your aura regularly cleared and cleansed, as well as protected, will prevent it from being affected from negativity. When your aura is affected negatively, it can make you physically ill. The area beyond your aura, is your energy field and this area is also a physical area that extends out beyond your aura for several more feet. This, too, is affected, either positively or negatively, by what type of energy is around you at any given time.  Our auras and energy fields will be affected by these energies; thus, having these energetic areas protected and cleared regularly will keep your energy light and free from being affected by others negative moods and emotions, as well as whatever energies they have traveling with them. (One 60 minute session)

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